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Firmware-update Synology Router Management 1.1.4 build 6509.1

Synology Router Management 1.1.4 build 6509.1 is an important thing what helps to solve many problem in the router. For the update of the Synology Router Management 1.1.4 build 6509.1, the router will get many solution and update included some features. The latest features of the router You can now enable/disable SIP option for the update of the firmware.
Solved problems for the update the router
Improved the security of Website History in Traffic Monitor.
Improved the security of Traffic Report.
Improved the security of SRM to prevent unauthorized access to certain files.
Improved port forwarding performance on RT2600ac.
Solved an problem where PPPoE relay might not work properly through wireless connection.
Solved an problem where Parental Control might not display properly.
Solved an problem where Web-filter might not work correctly when IPv6 service is enabled.
Solved an problem where the earlier Web-filter profile setting might be cleared when any other profiles are set up.
Solved an problem where Traffic Control on RT2600ac might not work properly when IPTV and VoIP are enabled.
Solved an problem where certain content in Traffic Report might not display correctly.
Solved an problem where the Internet Permissible Time function in Parental Control might not work properly after Synology Router reboots.
Solved an problem where Traffic Monitor might not work properly.

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