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Dream means

Albino – If you dream that you are afraid of an albino figure, suggest that you irrationally worry about the well-being of a loved one. It can also mean denial.
Albino – Merge of competitive emotions. In the absence of complete understanding of himself. The positive aspect of a bad situation.
Alchemy – A desire for change. A period of transformation, maybe spiritual. Expect too much of too little.
Alcohol – to lose control. Uncontrollable situations that need discipline to overcome. Unlock reality. Hiding a sense of guilt. Inhibition
Alcohol: Too much alcohol embarrassment
Alien – Part of yourself neglected, for example, your spiritual self.
Alimony – Required maintenance of a particular aspect in your life. A need to support the neglected parts of yourself. Justifying actions in the past and confronting the consequences.
Only – If you dream you’re alone, giving feelings of rejection. It may be the feeling that nobody understands you.
Only – An fear of being alone (if the dream is negative). A need to be alone (if dream is positive).
Only: Pain of the family.
Allergies – Troublesome problems that are difficult to overcome. Unpleasant situations.
Alligator – Betrayal, Fraud and Danger. Sayings. Fear of abuse of verbal expression. The power of the unconscious mind to express oneself. Dangerous unconscious motivations that need control.
Altar – Can represent a death and resurrection, an end to a certain event or relationship and the beginning of a new one.
Altar: joy, comfort
Aluminum – If the aluminum in your dreams is glossy, you can expect happiness. If it’s boring, expect frustration.
Aluminum – Can symbolize something of value related to your personal development.
Almonds – To see almonds in your dream means that after a short period of sadness and sorrow, you will experience great wealth. You get the time for reflection and relaxation.
Ambulance – An ambulance dream is a sign that can be perceived as a warning against carelessness and insanity leads to a number of major disasters in your life.
Ambulance – An emergency, but not per se in a literal sense. Pay attention to the situation at hand, in the dream as well as in your watchful life.
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